Pros and Cons of 4 International E-commerce Platforms for Online Business

E-commerce business is the future for investors who want to reach a bigger market, make more profit, and save on expenses. Technology has eased the way of doing business, and besides, it has made the shoppers access goods from across the globe without leaving their geographic locations.

For investors who want to make a mark in the global market, they must consider involving some of the most competent Global E-commerce Platforms available today. Although most of them claim to be the best, they all have their pros and cons depending on what you’re looking to get through the partnership.


This is among the best and easily customized platform in the market. If you want to power your online business and make it unique, magento will give you the leeway to develop to your heart’s content. Most of the world’s renowned brands such as Nike, Cisco, and many others use Magento to market their wares.

  • It supports SEO thus helping you to drive sales from organic searches from search engines.
  • The software has a big community which helps avail most of the services such as developer support at a reasonable fee.
  • The software is scalable, so you don’t have to start again when you need to change a few things on your store. It’s also easy to customize making it unique and text rich, a feature which is helpful to draw the eye.


  • The site requires considerable investment in space and memory for optimal performance.
  • Unlike some e-commerce platforms, you get the themes at Magento at a high price.
  • There’s no virtual support from the Magento team; however, you can get all the support from the community although at a fee.
  • You need development skills or be ready to hire a developer to use the software.


Counted among the fastest growing e-commerce brands to watch, Shopify has simple yet effective features that give a return for your money albeit at a fee. It has a lot of things working for it such as integration with Amazon, which offers the other competitors stiff competition. It’s easy to install, and set-up and the Shopify-plus package gives you access to endless designs and themes for your online shop.


  • You can recover an abandoned cart by emailing the prospect as soon as the cart is dropped or after several hours.
  • The marketing tools that come with Shopify will help improve your online business SEO ranking and sharing on the social media pages.
  • The dedicated customer care team will answer your queries regarding most of the Shopify FAQs, and they’re available 24 hours a day.
  • You can track your packages while in transit using the premium package of Shopify.
  • Cross Selling and upselling Support helps you to sell in other platforms increasing your client base and bottom line.


  • It’s not the best platform if you want a highly customizable online store. The features available on Shopify are best for someone who isn’t tech savvy and has no need for a developer.
  • Shopify has a limited number of free themes, and other themes come at a fee. To customize further, you’ll have to learn the coding language used on Shopify or hire a developer.
  • It takes time to make money on Shopify because you need to invest your time to set up the shop just right and Shopify will not help you with technical issues.

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Volusion is an international e-commerce platform and a worthy competitor for both Shopify and BigMoney. It’s one of the easiest to use e-commerce platforms yet with all the perks to customize our online store as you so wish even without prior development skills.


  • Volusion software gets five stars in user experience. It’s straightforward and extremely easy to use. The software is among the easiest to set up, and it can take a few minutes before you start selling as long as you have your goods ready.
  • The software has comprehensive features that make it easy to operate right from the set-up, selling process and increasing the client base as the business grows.
  • Online merchants rely on analytics to position their products. Volusion offers comprehensive reports that are crucial in decision making for the online business.


  • Volusion increase in pricing set it at the same level as other more popular e-commerce platforms such as Shopify. The disadvantage is that though the price is the same, the competition may offer more perks due to their partnerships with other brands.


This is a start-up friendly e-commerce platform which has built-in marketing automation. It’s reasonably priced subscription software and very easy to use. Unlike many e-commerce platforms, it has a variety of free themes. However, you need to check for the ones that are both mobile and web friendly.


  • The editing feature uses the drag and drop method which is extremely easy to use even for non-techy people.
  • You can edit the themes further using CSS and HTML which are relatively common coding languages.
  • There’s an app available for both Android and iOS that you can use when off the web
  • The subscription packages are reasonably priced.


  • The free package uses Weebly’s domain instead of your unique domain name.
  • The blog design is unappealing and can use some upgrading to enhance appearance.
  • You must have some background knowledge on CSS and HTML to be able to customize the website to your liking.
  • Online stores always have images, and Weebly does not have the best image management feature. Therefore it’s difficult to access a specific image when you need it because they use numbers instead of name or caption.

Most online businesses are looking for an international platform that can hold their business and catapult it to the next level. In the crowded e-commerce market, you’ll need to pick the most reliable, effective and fast loading platform that won’t slow down the sales. Although most of the sites have closely matching similarities; there are minor differences that make a massive difference on the bottom line immediately or in the long run.

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